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Improvement of women and children’s access to GBV services and reduction risks of GBV in Bashiqa, Qaraqush and Bartalla

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Project Description Funded by: UNICEF Timeline: 02/2018-02/2019 This project aims to support (S)GBV survivors and those at risk through static and mobile services including psychosocial support, case management, legal assistance and raising awareness and knowledge on GBV issues among the community [...]


Provision of Child Protection in Emergency Services for Qayarra MODM Jadaah Camp

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Funded by: UNICEF Timeline: 2017 This project was aimed at increasing child protection in Qayarra and the surrounding area, seeking to raise awareness on child protection (CP) & local children protection services in the area. The project seeks to meet [...]


Reducing Risk of SGBV among IDP populations in Duhok and Ninewa Governorates

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Funded by: UNHCR Timeline: January 2017 – December 2017 This initiative seeks to further reduce the risk of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and improve the quality of response among IDP populations living in Bajid Kandala Camp and Sharia Camp [...]


Economic Empowerment Project Through Job Center and Business Unit in Kaznazan

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Funded by: UNDP/DRC Timeline: July 2016 - June 2017 WRO’s Economic Empowerment Job Center Project in Kaznazan focuses on building the strength of IDP’s, refugees and the host community in accessing fuller participation in income generating ventures, economic skill training. [...]


Core relief items distribution/NFI Kits for Khazir camp

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Funded by: LWF Timeline: March 2017 – April 2017 In association with LWF, WRO distributed core relief items for IDP’s in Khazir camp in response to an assessment conducted on the new arrival of 2000 families. The distribution took place [...]


Core relief items distribution/NFI Kits in Jaddaa Camp

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Funded by: LWF Timeline: January 2017 In association with LWF, WRO distributed core relief items for IDP’s in Jaddaa camp in response to a previous assessment. 830 families received tarpaulins, mattresses, blankets, hygiene & dignity kits, kitchen sets, kerosene wick [...]