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21 06, 2020

Eid Alftr Celebrated in Iraq

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WRO team in Bartella and Qaraqosh conducted a Social Cohesion Activity in the occasion of Eid al Fter, where a group of young Christians from Bartella and Qaraqosh community visited the Muslim families and greeted them on their Eid Holiday and gave them a pot of flowers as a souvenir, (19 people participated in this [...]

18 06, 2020

Youth and Children Engaged in COVID-19 Response

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Nowadays, the most significant citizens are children and young people. Any crisis raised in the community, the more opportunity needs to be provided to help the community learn, cultivate compassion and increase the resilience of well being and caring community. Based on understanding basic information and real facts about COVID-19 and its complications,  will support [...]

17 06, 2020

WRO and it’s Amazing Volunteers, Community Environmentalist, and Artists Celebrate World Environmental Day

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WRO conducts a Social Cohesion Peace Building Activity designed by the community members  for occasion of the International Environmental Day. Volunteers with WRO team conducted two follow up activities one in Telkef and another in Hamdaniya. A group of [...]

9 06, 2020

GBV Prevention and Response Training for the NGOs in Salamya Camp

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During the month of June, Salamya staff has provided training for the NGOs (Acted and PUI) in a Salamya Camp for 2 days each day 4 hour, the participants were women and men, that they work on the field and have the direct contact with the IDPs in a camp , we were focusing in [...]