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Rainbow Project in Al Qosh and Bozan

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Funded by: Solidarity Action for Human Development Timeline: January – April 2016 Collaborating with community leaders from Bozan and Al Qosh, WRO developed a social cohesion and psychosocial support program for Yazidi and Christian IDP and host community children residing [...]


Vocational Training for Syrian and Yazidi Women in Non-Camp Setting

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Funded by: Women for Women International Timeline: April 2016 - January 2017 WRO will provide vocational training for 108 Syrian refugee and Yazidi IDP women residing in the Summel District, a non-camp location. Women selected for the occupational training will [...]


Reducing Risk of SGBV Among IDP Populations – Dohuk

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Funded by: UNHCR Timeline: January 2016 – December 2016 This project seeks to reduce the risk of SGBV among IDP populations living in Bajid Kandala Camp, Sharia Camp and the non-camp IDP populations residing in Zakho and Semmel District of [...]


Reducing the Risk of SGBV Among IDP Population – Koya

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Funded by: UNHCR Timeline: January 2016 –December 2016 This project seeks to reduce the risk of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) while impact will be measured by the extent that persons of concern have information about SGBV risks, prevention and [...]


Social cohesion and MHPSS project in the Zummar district of the Ninewa governorate

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Funded by: LWF/Canadian Lutheran World Relief Timeline: 2016 WRO collaborated with the organisations VOP and LWF for this project, aiming to promote peace building in the Zummar district whilst concurrently improving mental health and wellbeing within the community. WRO organized [...]